Shipping to Germany

Lehigh Bullets is excited to announce that we can now share our projectiles with international customers. Each country has specific procedures regarding imports. Please follow the steps below to place an order.

    1. Complete an online purchase order: Select your products and add them to your cart. At checkout,
      select ‘International Shipping’ and fill in your shipping address. Sign and date your completed purchase order.
    2. Complete the end-user statement: Print, sign and date the end-user statement.
    3. Complete the Germany import form: Print, sign and date the German Import Form. You must have a signed import form to proceed with your order.
    4. Scan and email the forms above to .
    5.  An export license from the United States must accompany your order. Lehigh Bullets will obtain the export license for you. A license fee of $275 will be charged to process the export license. This is the set amount we are charged by the U.S. Government. The fee covers the license cost until the license expires or the product quota has been reached.
      Partial orders may be shipped under one export license until the total export license value is reached. At that time, another export license must be obtained.
      For example:

      • Customer A wants to import $5000 worth of bullets.
      • Lehigh applies for the export license on Customer A’s behalf.
      • Customer A can receive multiple orders during the valid time period of the export license until the sum of the orders equals $5000.  At that time, Lehigh must apply for another export license on Customer A’s behalf.
    6. Shipping/Handling is via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. We charge shipping plus a 5% processing/handling fee on product invoice to cover additional export charges. Shipping costs vary by country. For many countries, shipping for a 20 lb. (9.72 kg) is $58.00. For Canada and Mexico, the price is $40 to ship this same sized box.
    7. Shipping is via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. We charge shipping costs with no additional handling fees. Shipping costs vary by country. For many countries, shipping for a 20 lb. (9.72 kg) is $58.00.
    8. Before application is made for your U.S. export license, you will receive an invoice stating your total cost including projectiles, shipping, and license fee. No payment will be due at the time you receive your invoice.
    9. Export licenses may take up to two weeks to process. You will be contacted when your license has beenapproved. At that time, payment may be made by credit card or wire transfer.
    10. Your order will be shipped and should arrive in 7-10 business days. All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and assessment of duties, taxes, and fees according to your country’s laws.
    11. If you should experience a problem with receipt of your order, please contact your country’s import office to ensure that your shipment has cleared customs. If you have additional problems or concerns,please contact .