458-500 .458 Subsonic Match

458-500 .458 Subsonic Match

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The .458 Match Subsonic is a premium match bullet specifically designed for extreme range subsonic applications.

There may also be high velocity applications as well, but at this point testing has not been done.

The required barrel twist rate for stability with a muzzle velocity of 1,050 fps is 1:10.

$90.00 per 50 ct. box

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Product Technical Information Below:

Bullet Weight
582 grains
Bullet Diameter
Bullet Length
UNSC36000 brass
Ballistic Coefficient (G1)(theoretical)
3,000 fps (calculated) - 1.105
Design Velocity
1,050 fps

  • What are the bullets made from?
    The bullets are machined from UNS C36000 brass, a copper and zinc alloy very similar to “gilding metal” used on copper jacketed bullets.
  • Will the brass wear out my barrel?
    The brass is much softer than the barrel steel and will not harm the barrel. Barrels burn out from flame erosion, starting at the breech and moving toward the muzzle, bullet friction has no effect on barrel life.
  • Is there more fouling with a brass bullet?
    The brass will not foul the bore any more than a traditional copper-lead jacketed bullet. In fact, the fouling is often much less as the bearing surface of the Lehigh bullets is far less than a traditional bullet so the engraving/metal displacement zone is reduced resulting in less fouling.
  • What do I use to clean the barrel with?
    Since the brass composition is very close to conventional bullets, any of the popular cleaning products will work. We have found Bore Tech’s Eliminator to be the fastest acting and safest of any of these products.

  • Won’t the controlled fracturing bullet damage a lot of meat?
    The controlled fracturing concept is hydraulically initiated. The expansion phase occurs and is limited to the vitals region which has the highest fluid content. A proper shot placement will result in all the petals affecting only the organs in the body cavity. Once the petals shear, the bullet base is back to bore diameter, making an at caliber hole upon exit.
  • When I watch hunting shows, they always film the deer running away after being shot. Why is that?
    This always amazes me too; they weren’t using a Lehigh bullet!

  • Why is a machined bullet superior to a formed/swaged bullet?
    Swaged bullet manufacturing has not changed in one hundred years. Swaged bullets are formed in several operations on dedicated machines using a static process; the bullet is not spinning. This process leads to cavity voids, inclusions, and off-center components that effect accuracy and repeatable terminal performance. A machined bullet is produced while spinning, the same as in flight, and the machining process allows unlimited design geometry, slots, multiple diameter hollow points, long boat tails, etc. all that can optimize a bullets flight characteristics and terminal performance that are not possible with a forming process.
  • Do I need a suppressor to shoot subsonic bullets?
    A subsonic bullet can be fired from either a suppressed or non-suppressed gun. Even in a non-suppressed gun, a subsonic round is much, much more quiet than a high velocity round with greatly reduced recoil. This makes subsonic shooting excellent for training new shooters as well as those that are recoil sensitive, and yes, we are all recoil sensitive. At Lehigh, we are huge advocates of subsonic hunting. With the terminal performance of our subsonic bullets there is no need for the abuse and noise from magnum, high velocity ammunition.

  • How are the bullets shipped?
    The bullets are packaged in plastic ammo boxes, each bullet in its own cavity to prevent any shipping damage. All US orders are shipped via USPS flat rate with tracking.
  • Can you ship my order via overnight?
    In the immortal words of a friend, “They ain’t heart valves, no one is going to die if they don’t get there in a day”. If you really need overnight shipment, please email us and we will see what we can do.

  • Can you export?
    Yes, we can export bullets upon submittal and approval by the US Department of State. Each country has different procedures for importing. As the procedures are defined, they will be posted for each country. Note, exporting will require additional shipping and exporting fees as well as documents needed to be submitted by the customer. Please email us and we will walk you throw the hoops that have to be jumped through.

  • How many are in a box? What do they cost?
    Pricing and box quantities are specified one each product page.